7 reasons why you should never stop taking photo

How are we supposed to take pictures? It's a simple question with thousands of answers. Is this for social networking? To the treasures of a special moment? For the beginning of a career of photography? One can say with confidence that we all wanted to catch the moments that we can appreciate later, but there are several reasons why you should never, ever

1. Pictures Preserve Memories

I always keep my pictures. These are magnificent reminders of the situation. Years later, you can look at your photos and say, "Wow, I took it!" Even better, these pictures will give you the opportunity to experience the feelings you had at the moment of the photographer. It'll make you nostalgic nostalgia. By accepting thousands of photos while you are young, you will be able to recall the magnificent memories you have accumulated in your youth

2. You can show your friends

Interactions with our loved photos can be very emotional. The identity can be floued through the photographs, especially when the image is a revelation. Photos of your friends will allow you to remember and remember all the advantages that you have appreciated in these people. The best picture in the picture is that it never changes, even when people in it can

3. You are the secretaries

Each photo that you take has a small sample of the perspective and a unique attention to detail. You and I could take pictures of the same place and focus on completely different things! Naturally, you express your creativity by the way you take photographs of the photograph. Your choice of coal, subject, composition, and other factors is what plays in the aesthetic and artistic expression. And if you're really good, you'll probably get some recognition for your work

4. Photographers Do the distinguishing signs

Some of the photos you took can make for a great decor (especially for your dormitory or apartment)! Pop the pictures in the frames, the colags on the bedroom wall, hang up the laraids on some line or put them on a corpboard. Explore the decorator's decorator in you. The pictures are wonderful dialogues and people who enjoy seeing their lives

5. You can stay in touch

Remember when your parents sent your school photos to family and friends? How do they unmount them on their mantle and guest tables? So these photos created an emotional connection between you and the people you love. Imagine how much it could be if the pictures were yours. From your first day of school to take the day to the prom, share your photos, cataloguing these events, you'll allow your relatives to take a look at your life from afar. Friends and family often like to see you get up and get carried away, so you never hesitate to share them

6. Pictures Make Award Presents

Especially if they're super argsy. Colleagues and photographs depating your best work to create an amazing gift. They're also very personal, so they're great to show you how much you care about them!

7. You'll be in a state of "Zano."

It's your food, your dog, your family and your friends, or the beautiful scenery, there's no shortage of photography. Seriously. There's a story behind every photo. You may not think that you will store pictures of your food and drink, but you will do it. To take photos of everything that captures your eye, whether to make photos-hobbies or passion, you will never spend your time doing it

Your photographs represent you. They have the right to inspire others. Do you literally have the ability to capture and save your life by some who wouldn't want to do that? Our young people come and go, and the ability to treasure your big and small experience in life is more important than you know. Take all the photos you can take. You should be proud of your stories. You'll thank yourself for that

* Views expressed in respect of the author, and not necessarily for the "Student life" or their partners

Ya'aana Kekkian is a post-graduate teacher at the University of Nippingen, whose ultimate goal is to influence the world. She loves dogs, makes purchases, writes, spends time on loved and makes people smile